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Site backups are essential because problems may occur and you need to be in a position to restore your website quickly without losing any data. Spending sometime to back up of your database and files is part of website maintenance that needs to be done.

How often should you back up?
That depends on how often you add new content and what is your threshold for lost data. Simply Works recommends monthly at minimum. It is your decision, but any work that has been completed between the last backup and a problem will be gone.
Where should I store my backups?
It most cases, a simple back up on your computer and/or external drive is sufficient.
Do I need back up before installing upgrades?
Simply Works recommends making a complete backup before doing any upgrades. Yes, the vast majority of upgrades do not cause any issues, but you want to have a restore point in the event they do.
How do I restore my website?
Restoring can be a complicated process because every host is different.
Can backups be automated?
Yes, we provide an automated cloud service called Simply Works Cloud Backup

Backup Documentation

The following are general documents for helping you to back up and restore your WordPress data.